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Elwyn Alexander Fraser Junior - artist profile - side - 2022.jpg

Elwyn Alexander Fraser Jr


Collaboration, Grant Writing Committee

Elwyn A Fraser Jr is a natural baritone with a 4.5 octave range and dynamic speaking voice. Over the past 12 years, Elwyn has worked with Sounds of Blackness, VocalEssence, St. Olaf Choir, MN Chorale, and numerous individual collaborations across the nation. Elwyn has lent his voice to thousands across venues spanning from Ireland to London and from Orchestra Hall to Carnegie Hall.


Critics and professional artists alike have described his vocal gravitas as “purposeful”, “eloquent”, “comedic”, “incredible”, and “atmosphere changing”. He finds dynamic music and empathic narration to be a universal language to the heart. Elwyn desires to tear down divides and uplift souls on their journey to greater purpose in life and healthy fellowship with mankind.

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