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Three Places:
World Premiere Live-Remote Concert feat. works by Michael Maiorana

June 25th 2021, 7:00 PM CDT Live on YouTube

From the Composer:

Three Places is a set of pieces inspired by Point Pelee in Canada, a redwood forest in California, and a beach on Lake Huron in Michigan.  It will be performed live over the internet, with each performer in their own home, connected over Zoom for the video and Cleanfeed for the audio.  


The music is written specifically for this medium of live remote music, with all of the musical elements fully embracing the constraints and strengths of internet-connected performance.  The pieces are all place-based, in part from a desire to be other places this past winter, and in part to center the performers and audience in a single place together.  


Live remote music thoughts

Live Remote music, where all the performers are in their own homes connected live over the internet for a performance, has been a vital artistic medium for me during the pandemic.  It’s been one of many answers to how to create music in this time, along with editing together pre-recorded individual performances, outdoor performances, indoor performances with safety protocols, and other creative options.  

I’m excited about Live Remote music as more than just a substitute for standard in-person performances, but as its own medium that encourages unique performance techniques and a flexible compositional approach.  It invites improvisation and indeterminacy in the music, and moves away from complex rhythmic interplay to focus more on harmony, texture, and timbre.  It’s sparked new ideas for me, new ways of writing, and new ways of working with an ensemble.  

There are tech challenges to surmount, needing ethernet cables for wired internet, and sometimes external microphones instead of built-in laptop mics, but this way of performing also lowers some barriers of musical collaboration.  No need to arrange a venue for rehearsal and performance, no need to drive or fly to perform with an ensemble, my collaborators are only a videocall away.  It also invites an audience into the direct moment of music making, with performers as visible and present as a friend on a Zoom call.

-Michael Maiorana


Karen Baumgartner, flute

Weily Grina-Shay, clarinet

Bjorn Grina-Shay & Eri Isomura, percussion

Ashley Ng, violin

Patty Ryan, cello

Jason Wells, bass