To the 10th Wave Chamber Music Collective Community,


We the 10th Wave members are mourning and angered by the recent murder of George Floyd. His death is one among hundreds of innocent people of color who have unjustly died in the hands of the current law enforcement system due to racial profiling, lack of accountability, and abuse of power based on structures that allow for racism and biases to go unchecked in America. This ongoing tragedy and the public outcries for change have resonated loudly with each of us, and our hearts are with those who continue to be victims of police brutality.


We want to make our beliefs known to our community that we are in support of all Black lives through our online communication and artistic planning, as we await the gradual return of live, in-person performances open to the public. Primarily as an Asian-American ensemble, we are aware that the privilege we have to experience our own artistic freedom has come at the expense of other people of color who have not been given the same opportunities. We are still learning and might make mistakes, and welcome an education if it seems we are overlooking anything.

  • We will continue to run under leadership by a majority of underrepresented classical artists. We represent voices from music conservatories and the classical music scene as minority members in arts leadership in the USA. We see the social constructs of Western European Music that influenced our entire vocational upbringing, and use our power to find classical artists and repertoire that truthfully reflect our vision for the Twin Cities community. This means we will work to make a place for underrepresented leadership in the classical music scene.


  • We will continue to feature musicians from diverse backgrounds and increase the performances of works by Black and Brown composers. Our membership is primarily Asian-American and Caucasian, and we have one African-American artist. We are aware that we perform pieces primarily by well-known white composers, and some - but not enough - works by racially underrepresented composers. We will especially make more efforts to feature works by Black and Brown composers through doubling down on research and networking.


  • We will continue to keep our feature presentations as free admission, with suggested donation. As we budget our time and finances according to our means, we have been challenged by our mission: to make new music accessible and available. We are determined to move forward as artistic ambassadors in the community and not primarily for capital gain.


  • We will continue to prioritize listening to the community and looking within our organization at where we need to improve and reform our own ideas of what would be beneficial to underrepresented artists. Last fall we attended a panel discussion presented by the American Composers Forum ®  on equity and inclusion in classical music. It was a step toward learning more about how we as an ensemble can be aware of the lack of diversity in concert programming, as well as the performers who are on stage. This helped us initiate more research for compositions by underrepresented composers and we are excited to see more.


As we continue to educate ourselves further as to how our musical choices and developmental goals can affect and impact our community, we welcome any feedback you may have for us. We thank you for continuing to support us in our artistic endeavours, and hope to see you soon. 




10th Wave Executive Team: 

Bjorn Grina-Shay, Weily Grina-Shay, Eri Isomura, & Ashley Ng


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