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And all of a sudden

Updated: May 7, 2018

Kaboom! We just finished our first performance as 10th Wave. The house was packed with a very attentive audience, we nervously started the concert in the colored lights.. not knowing if we're actually ready. Were we ready? Our conservatory training screams perfectionism at us, how will we DO THIS RIGHT?

The beautiful thing is- there is no right way. In fact, the way we have been making decisions for how to start this whole group had no instructions. All those performance degrees were preparing us for after the downbeat (well, I guess THE downbeat too), but not much for everything around it.

I have slowly been self-training in the area of music entrepreneurship with my own performances, so in a group like 10th Wave with a planning team changed the game quite a bit. The biggest surprise was felt after the performance was over- I actually had energy left, since I wasn't the one that performed the majority of the program as I usually do with my own concerts. To plan a concert and only play a small portion of it and feel fully involved with the entire experience that evening was invigorating and encouraging. I realized I don't have to wear myself out to know that I did a good job-- which isn't something you learn in conservatory. I also am filled with gratitude when I count off how many friends put how many hours into making this happen - both performing AND non-performing - that also contributed to such a great execution.

The concert audience was very perceptive to our presentation of music with narration in between- and encouraged us to keep doing what we're doing--> which is a dream come true for what we would hear from a first time audience member! The art of programming is not easily learned, since it takes so many tries of programming and performing concerts to practice it. I hope that our music can continue to be effective to not just allow for escape from reality but to bring reality closer to our own souls through art. I don't mean this determines an agenda to accomplish, since we can't change people even if we tried, but there's something that many composers have grasped that is communication method of the heart. We don't know how it will be received but we know that it has the power to travel to those depths. Anyway, I think you can tell I believe music is a powerful thing.

I'm hoping that in the coming months we'll see more of how the group will pan out regarding how involved musicians will get to further build rep and play in other venues. I mean, what IS this group?? Before we define it, before we compartmentalize 10th Wave into genres, before it condenses into a solid presence in the Twin Cities.. I feel it's something our community could use right now, whatever it is. Our name comes from the idea of infinite possibilities, namely, the 10th dimension, where absolutely anything is possible.


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