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Group Projects

Remember back in school when group projects truly showed how well you worked in a team? It frequently turned into an unfair delegation of tasks, since we usually didn't know what we were actually doing, and 1 or 2 people did all the work (and sometimes that was the only way it would get done because of the teacher's poor planning). Or, it took the ideal form of divving up tasks equally from the beginning and the end result shined and sparkled "teamwork makes the dream work"..

10th Wave was successfully awarded a grant by Metropolitan Regional Arts Council- and it's quite the undertaking. This is where this dream really needs to start working. There is... a lot to do. Meetings will be essential, communication in tip top shape, and proactive, self-initiating attitudes in full power. The difference that I'm feeling now is the degree of organization as more administrative tasks start to loom ahead, in the path that we thought was just one show at a time. There's less time to choose personnel, rehearsals, and often forget mentioning coordinating attire up to the last minute. And most of all, we cannot forget what we promise each other- memory and accountability is key. Thankfully we have enough trust in each other that we all know if we put our minds to it, it will get done. Also, thank goodness for groupchats.


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