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New Music Thing

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Our beginning--

We're not exactly a band.. and we're not exactly a chamber group. Our name was New Music Thing on many of our planning documents for our first couple months, since we didn't have a name.

It was all either going to happen all at once, or... not at all! It was awkward. It's not like we were friends getting together to jam (per se) on a regular basis, writing some songs and performing them-- and we weren't a paid classical ensemble rehearsing a set number of hours dedicated for one concert date. We needed people that were willing to jump on the bandwagon to play legit chamber pieces without expecting to get paid (for awhile).

How to start... Well, we finally got a name. So let's make a website. And we're a collective...A collaborative? Oh, and we need photos. Who has a nice camera? But it's not just us, so that shouldn't be what people see first when they visit that site. What are we playing? Where? How? We asked these questions to each other both in optimistic and pessimistic tones, sometimes a mix of both. We collectively have so much music training..we can play our orchestra excerpts but who will take us seriously if we're starting a group on our own? How do we carve our own path?

Big ideas and thoughts were turning quickly into words on a page, and I was quickly tempted to micromanage and freak myself out with all the logistics- but for some reason meeting together and just talking through it made it seem achievable (maybe that's just my extroversion talking). The three of us are conservatory kids, not entrepreneurs- but we'll learn. We have to be both, and we'll just do it.

Go team!


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