• Eri

Taking Turns

It's one thing to organize your own ensemble, it's another to do it long-distant.. Like any personal relationship, long distance- in the context of logistics-could get difficult.

Most of us are freelance musicians, which means we are everywhere all the time, doing the hustle to make ends meet and still do what we love. Schedules are usually a beast to figure out together and one of us is usually drowning in overwhelming work hours at at time. So we take turns getting things done.

What's exciting is that we're starting to see how we can delegate the tasks to our individual strong suit- which is more than ideal, so that we can focus more on upcoming goals and tasks instead of the ones we need to have already done.

This summer is a wee bit crazy- I'm out of town for two months for a summer gig, Bjorn and Weily are getting married, and we still set up three shows in the summer. 10th Wave is alive and well, and becoming more and more of a part of our lives.


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