• Ashley Ng

What we've been up to!

Hello 10th Wavers! Thank you so much for all of your support this past year, we have had an incredible season full of concerts, new endeavors, and exciting collaborations with composers and performers who are so talented and fun to work with. We are so lucky to live in the #twincities and have some exciting projects coming up that'll be announced this week! I'll share a brief recap of what we've been up to:

2018 Fall - We were awarded a grant from the #metropolitanregionalartscouncil and with that began our 4 concert series with the programs Transcending Conflict and Unfree.

These concerts took place all across the Twin Cities/Metro area including Roosevelt High School, Antonello Hall, Schmitt Music in Brooklyn Center, and Rose Hill Alliance Church. We loved playing our music in such varied spaces and while we were reaching different audiences at each venue, we started building a community of audience members across MN who could walk away from a concert with a new perspective on new music.

2019 Spring - The bulk of our concerts happened in early 2019, and we also had some extra performances at #stolaf and #gustavusadolphus colleges, where Ole alums Eri and April made a return to the #UrnessRecialHall for our January 6th concert!

2019 Summer - Kicking off the start of our summer was another one of our #chamberbrews performances at #boomisland brewery! It was an especially fun collaboration with 2 local composers, Joshua Clausen and Michael Maiorana, as we debuted 3 of Josh's compositions involving a small quartet with electronics, and Michael's "Observation" canon was a fun way for everyone to perform together that night.

....And that briefly sums up our 2018/2019 season! We are getting ready to launch our 2019/2020 season and can't wait to share it with you soon! Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane and stay tuned for more exciting news from #10thwave !



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