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Our concerts are pay-as-you-can, thanks to you!!

Contribute to our

upcoming season:

What is 10 for 10th Wave? Tell me more.

Why should I give money to 10th Wave?

   -It's a great question, and maybe the most important one to think about. When it comes to considering making a donation, we wonder where our hard-earned money is going and how it will be used -both of which we can be completely transparent in sharing with you. Your contributions will go toward music, concert venue, and equipment rental fees, bringing in guest artists and composers to work with 10th Wave, as well as behind-the-scenes administrative work that allows us to continue to plan future innovative programs!

The bottom line:

   Giving to an ensemble like 10th Wave means that you place value in Classical music. You value an art form hundreds of years in the making and you believe in this generation continuing that legacy.  You value the freedom and beauty of expression through music and performing arts in the Twin Cities and beyond.

   By coming to our concerts and donating to 10th Wave, you become a part of something larger than our 10 for 10 club: you are laying the groundwork for Classical music to continue to grow into the future.

Our GiveMN page allows you to make a tax-deductible donation to support our upcoming projects.  We thank you for pushing the boundaries and committing to something new and exhilarating!
If you would like to give in-kind support such as providing venues for home concerts or rehearsal spaces, help with ticketing or reception, livestreaming, etc, please let us know!
Please help us get the word out! Share 10th Wave with your friends and family!
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